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May 29, 2009

That's Our Girl

"The sweetest thing that you'll ever see in the whole wide world is a happy girl!"
Martina McBride, Happy Girl

Amy - First Day of Kindergarten
(with brothers Matt & Jake)
September, 1996

Last Day of High School
May 29, 2009


Chow and Chatter said...

thats adorable, wow that will be my daughter one day big day!


I love her cute hair cut in kindergarten I may have to steal it! Stopping by from SITS, happy day!

Joy said...

Your daughter is beautiful!

I'm here to answer your paint questions. I prefer to use a satin finish spray paint and my two favorite brands are Rustoleum and Krylon. I never use the cheap store brands because basically I really do think you get what you pay for and it takes double the amount to get the coverage so you're really not saving much.
I hope that helps!

Holly said...

It's always amazing to me about we change as we grow. But, there are some key, fundamental things about us; individual as our fingerprint....those things don't change...

Like our eyes. And, our smiles. How wonderful that you have these moments documented on film and shared them with us.

In a blink of an eye, we grow up and sail away...but a smile lasts forever.

This is Beautiful.