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November 17, 2012

30-Days of Gratitude -- Really? Yes, really.

I love November.  It’s a month of gratitude – and it gives me great joy to know that at this time of year people are slowing down to count their blessings.  I have kept a “gratitude journal” for many years now.  I write in it whenever I am inspired -- and though I don’t write daily, I do try -- every day – to slow down for a moment and find something for which I am thankful. 

In the spirit of equality however, I wanted to take a moment to recognize some of those things that I am NOT thankful for.   Pet peeves, irritants – call them what you will.  Sometimes we just have to take time to acknowledge the things that really grind our gears.

Take dust for example.  What purpose does dust serve except to remind us to clean from time to time?  Pet hair – another one of those things that make me go, “grrrrrrr.”

Clean laundry dumped on the floor instead of being folded and put away. Wet towels in a heap.  An overflowing bin of unmatched socks.  And while we’re on the topic of laundry – how about the terrible smell of a t-shirt that’s been left in the washer too long.  Why?  Give us working moms a break.

Dishes piled up next to the sink, when an empty dishwasher sits right there waiting to be filled.  Trash that is left on top of the counter instead of being put in the wastebasket.  Empty milk cartons put back in the fridge, and cereal boxes left in the cabinet with hardly a teaspoon of crumbs in the bottom.

Unflushed toilets.  Unmade beds. Unpaid bills, and the stacks of junk mail and empty envelopes left on the table that could really just be thrown directly into the trash.

Checking off the items on your grocery list and realizing when you get home that you’ve missed one.  Better still, getting to the grocery store and realizing you left your list at home.

Aggressive drivers and ones that ride your tail. 

Getting to the dog park and realizing you’re out of poo-poo bags.

Throw rugs that won’t stay in place even though you bought the no-skid pad to put underneath.

Remote controls that don’t work properly.  And the DVR not recording your favorite show, because the disk is full with programs you already watched but never deleted.   Ugh !! 

But the very worst thing of all…the one that brings me to tears if I think too much about it --- is not being able to sit around and enjoy time with the people I love whenever I want. 

My life has been filled with so many people who make my life better.   Some are angels watching over me, others are just a phone call away.  Near or far – I am forever grateful for their love and friendship.  I only wish I could see them all more often. 

Now I better get back to chasing dust bunnies.