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May 23, 2009

A Different View

On most every day of the week, I wake in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, then move to my office which is situated at the front of my house. My office is arranged in a way that I have a lovely view out my front window, and I have to be honest, for someone who lives in a relatively unglamorous part of the world (northeast Pennsylvania), I think this view is pretty special.

On most every day, I look out my window and see a beautiful community park, with large fields for playing, an amazing variety of trees that celebrate the seasons (at the moment they are incredibly lush green), and birds galore. In the colder months when the trees are bare, beyond the park I see a beautiful stone farmhouse and a horse farm where the horses are often let out to run and feed. Beyond the farm is a gorgeous expanse of mountains -- then nothing but clear blue skies. It's truly one of the most beautiful views that I could imagine (short of a waterfront or mountaintop view) -- and every day I thank God that I get to enjoy it.

Today, however, when I look out my window I see something different. Today is May 23, 2009 -- the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend -- and I've been reflecting upon the significance of this holiday. I know my eyes are playing tricks on me, but today out of my window the large fields are lined with headstones, each decorated with an American flag. From the farmhouse, I can hear the cry of a mother who just learned she lost her child to the war; and high atop the mountain I can see a flag being lifted to celebrate our freedom -- a freedom that came at a price for countless soldiers and their families over hundreds of years.

This morning as I enjoy my coffee and my view, I am remembering those fallen soldiers and their families. Praying with a grateful heart for the heroes that have given us the greatest gift - freedom.

God Bless America


Chow and Chatter said...

great post makes you stop and think

pk @ Room Remix said...

Beautiful post and great reminder.