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April 22, 2009

Unexpected Gifts

Did you ever notice that the gifts you receive when you least expect them are often the greatest gifts of all?

I turned the page on my daily planner this morning, and found a sticky note that my son had left for me. It said:
"Mom, I read some of your blogs and must say...'Holy S#@! Santa Claus -- they rock!"
I know maybe at 14-years old he's not necessarily a seasoned critic, and perhaps I should be concerned about his use of expletives to express himself -- but the truth is, his words meant the world to me.

My primary motivation for writing my blog is pretty self-serving. I enjoy writing and find that my spirits are lifted when I connect pen and paper (or in this case, fingers and keyboard) on a regular basis. There's also something comforting about knowing that I'm sharing a little piece of myself with anyone who stumbles upon my blog. Maybe that sounds strange, but to me it just feels right. Despite that selfish motivation, I can't help but wonder if anyone is reading it -- and if they are, do they like it? Do they get it? Do they want more?

Jake's note was an unexpected gift -- delivered at the moment I needed it the most. It made my heart soar, and my eyes well up with tears. Someone is reading this! Someone likes it! His words gave me the motivation I need to keep at it. His words were a gift I will treasure forever.

NOTE TO SELF: Don't ever under-estimate the impact of a simple compliment. When someone impresses or inspires you, tell them. Simple words, spoken from the heart can fuel the spirit.

NOTE TO JAKE: Thank you. You are one special boy, and I love you dearly.


Michelle said...

This is great! Words are the most powerful think, i mean, thing. @Michelle_n_kemp

Lauren said...

Thanks for YOUR kind words too! And thanks for reading my blog!

k80 @ onegirlsjourney said...

THanks for that post! I went through the same thing when I started it for me? For others? At the least it is for me - a good way to self-express and therapeutic - but hopefully, my life would connect with someone else's. Keep it up!!! :)

Judy said...

That is SO true!! I had to take my national exam at a location out of town and when I opened my suitcase, my daughter had a note inside that simply said, "I believe in you." The tables were turned and she was encouraging ME...I was deeply moved.