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April 7, 2009

Susan Branch -- You're My Inspiration

I need to introduce you to someone who has been inspiring me for almost twenty years now (yikes!!).

It was at my bridal shower in 1989 that my aunt first introduced me to Susan Branch by giving me her first two cookbooks, "Heart of the Home" and "Vineyard Seasons" Each book is spilling over with inspiration about creating a joy-filled, welcoming home, making delicious meals, and creating a life that is simple, yet abundant. Susan Branch's books are works of art -- each page handwritten and filled with precious watercolors. She is a gifted artist and storyteller -- and even though I have never met her, I feel like she is a friend. I know that sounds a little loopy, but if you get to know her through her books, you'll quickly come to understand what I mean.

From our Thanksgiving stuffing recipe to Mary's Mother's Snowballs cookies that I make each Christmas -- Susan's inspiration has become a part of my life. And it's not just recipes either -- she inspires ideas about decorating, entertaining, gardening and DREAMING.

Needless to say, when her email newsletter, "Willard" arrived today, I was as excited as the first time I paged through her cookbooks. So excited, in fact, that I felt like I had to introduce you to my "friend" -- who speaks to the "Heart of the Home."

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