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February 27, 2009

Feeling "Lucky"

After many many years of questioning my ability to write, I've finally built up the confidence to share my written voice with the world. What follows is an excerpt of a children's bedtime story book that I've written. If you like it, please share it with your networks.

I am positively amazed by the power of the Internet -- and am praying that with your help, maybe this story can end up in the right hands to bring it completely to life. My promise to the world is that if this full book is ever published, I will donate half of the proceeds to Dreams Come True. I welcome your thoughts and comments. Thanks for your time. Lauren

An Excerpt from "Lucky"

The bright winter sun reflected off the blanket of snow that lay upon the field.

Reaching up to the crystal blue sky was an old, lonely and towering, yet Mighty Oak tree. Its dark brown branches were bare, with twigs like fingers reaching up to tickle the sun.

The Mighty Oak tree bristled in the cold winter breeze. Its branches whispering to the heavens, “Come spring! Come!”

Soon the cold winter air gave way to spring. And the Oak tree’s branches became speckled with tiny yellow buds.

At the tip of one branch was a bud with a spirit so mighty it burst forth…

…the first leaf on the tree.

Standing beneath the Mighty Oak was a little boy.

“Mama! Mama! Come see!” he shouted. “The first leaf on the tree!”

“Make a wish,” Mama said. “That leaf is Lucky.”

And so he was.

Thanks for reading...there's lots more where this came from, so if you like what you read, please leave comments and please share.

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jennifer said...

i always knew you could write.... i love love love love love love love it :)