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February 24, 2009

Farewell Country Home

When the mailman came yesterday, he delivered the usual stack of junk mail and bills, and two monthly magazines. I promptly handed the bills over to Jeff, pitched the junk mail, and tore open the plastic wrap. (By the way, since when do magazines need to be mailed in plastic??)

The first magazine will remain anonymous, because the name doesn’t really matter. It’s a fashion magazine that I’ve been receiving for months now – though I never ordered it, and I most definitely didn’t pay for it. Needless to say, the only guilt I feel when I throw it away (often unopened) is the regret over the trees that came down to make it. I’m sure it’s a good magazine, but the truth is, fashion magazines have just never been my thing (no surprise to the people who know me) – that is, unless they’re about home fashion. Those I read cover to cover, and keep for years.

Needless to say, you can imagine how heartbroken I was when I opened the plastic on magazine #2 – Country Home – and read that this was to be their last issue. I re-read the letter ten times, hoping that the message would somehow change. No luck.

I wouldn’t say that my home is necessarily “country” – so in theory it shouldn’t matter all that much to me. But the thing is, this magazine has provided simple inspiration to me for as long as I can remember. The common theme over the years has been about surrounding yourself with whatever it is you love, and celebrating life. That’s not a theme that’s about style – that’s about values. Knowing what you value and love, and taking time to celebrate it – that is the core of “The Good Life.”

So even in these difficult economic times, stay focused on the positives. Remember to celebrate those things that you value. Love your spouse. Hug your children. Call a friend. Show your support to an organization you believe in. Say a prayer.

Every day is a choice… choose The Good Life.

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Anonymous said...

I felt you immediately on this one Lauren! A few months ago, I began receiving 3 magazines and one of them is very racy and not allowed in my home.... but there is something about knowing what went into making it and the trees it took for the paper! It goes straight into our recycle bin, but what a waste!