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February 20, 2009

Watch Out Bo Peep

For as long as I can remember, from the day we had the first frost in the fall, until sometime around Memorial Day, I always had cold hands and feet. It didn't matter if I wore gloves, or layer upon layer of socks -- if it wasn't 80 degrees outside, I had ice cube-like extremities.

The old adage, "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" made me smile when I was younger -- but after 40 years it got a little old. And to be honest, cold hands and feet made me crabby.

Well, at long last, I've solved the answer to the cold feet dilemma. Uggs.

I guess I should have figured that sheepskin boots would be naturally warming - but for years, when I looked at them, all I could think about were those God-awful wallabees that I had as a kid. The thought of buying them ranked right up there with buying a skirt in the same plaid as my grade school uniform.

Well, it looks like my next fashion purchase will be a plaid skirt, because after nearly 2 months of wearing my boots every, single day -- I am officially hooked on sheepskin. It's pathetic, but I'm dreaming about things like sheepskin slippers, blankets, and coats. The heck with heated seats in the car -- just get some sheepskin covers.

Watch out Bo Peep, the possibilities are endless.

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