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July 7, 2010

What in the World Is That Pain?

Day 2
Ouch.  I forgot those muscles existed.

I may have only done one set of reps on each of those machines yesterday, but I still feel it today.  Leaves me looking forward to my next workout with weights -- and grateful that today isn't the day I have to do it!

So - about last night.  My challenge was dining out, and a limited menu.  My plan was portion control and drinking lots of water.
Outcome: mildly successful

We ended up having more choices than I expected at this complimentary 3-course dinner at St. James Gate in Bethlehem.  I chose the tossed salad, grilled salmon with asparagus and a potato hash, and apple pie a la mode for dessert.  Dinner included a complimentary cocktail, and since it is an Irish pub, I chose a Harp....and a tall glass of water.

Everything was delish, which made the portion control incredibly challenging -- however I did leave a couple bites of the salmon and potatoes, as well as the dessert.  I know I could have done "better" and I probably should have skipped the Harp, but there was just something about an icy cold beer in an Irish pub on a steamy hot summer day (and the fact that it was complimentary) that just made me give in.

No regrets.  I savored every bite, and more importantly, enjoyed a night out with my mom.  

Plan for the Day: Restorative Yoga at lunchtime with some of my girlfriends.
Challenges: Oppressive heat is sucking the life out of me
Plan to Overcome Challenges:  Stay inside as much as possible.  Drink plenty of water.

No Excuses Rule du Jour Just do it!
Note to Self:  Remember to eat throughout the day -- don't let yourself get hungry.

Ready. Set. Go!

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