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May 4, 2010

Oh So Easy

It was 8:30 p.m., and I stopped at the grocery store to pick up dog food.  When the cupboard runs dry for us, we can usually manage for a day or two on some meals made of random stuff, but for my two furry friends, it's a different story.   Dogs cannot live on love alone.

Anyhow, there I was, still dressed for work in my black pants and pumps, wrestling with two twenty pound bags of chow.  I hadn't bothered to get a cart because I knew I only needed this one thing, but then the sale on the  food was so good, I figured I should stock up.  As I approached my car -- hugging the bags of dog food, purse slung over my shoulder, keys in my hand -- I realized I needed to find the car door opener to be able to pop the trunk.  I nearly twisted an ankle trying to keep my own balance as I propped one foot up on the bumper of my car to balance the bags, while I fumbled to find the opener on the key ring.  I must have been quite a sight.  

Just as I was going to try to put my foot down to open the trunk hatch, a very kind woman came over and asked if she could help me.  All she did was open the hatch so that I could throw the food in the car -- but that very small and simple random act of kindness made my night.  It was the simplest thing, and I know most of us would have thought to do the same...but would we have done it?

On my way home I knew I was going to share it with you...and I think for the next couple weeks I'm really going to be on the lookout for those small acts that help to restore faith in humanity.  I'm already trying to practice them --- but I want to be sure to recognize when I see others doing it as well. 

At at time when we hear so much sadness and terror in the world, maybe we can start our own little revolution right here, 'round the kitchen table.  Will you help me?  What have you done today?  What small act of kindness made you smile?

We only get one go at life -- let's make it a good one.

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In Search of Light said...

Your right its those little things that make it all worthwhile. Sometimes its giving and sometimes its receiving. Today's "good deed" was a human search engine on the internet and some simple realities.

My dear friend, Michele, who is setting up a new real estate office, (a true challenge in this economy)purchased a new phone system with a lot of cordless extensions. We tried to adjust the volume and had resigned ourselves to the fact that you were really going to have to listen to what was being said because the volume was so low. I went through every menu on the phone and for the life of me I couldn't find the volume adjustment. We decided its good to pay attention to your clients so listening hard was going to be a positive attribute.

Well all of that came crashing down today when we turned the air conditioning on as listening was no longer going to be possible. Michele would have returned the entire phone system right then and there if it weren't for the fact that the boxes had all been broken up and recycled (we try.)

Countless test calls were made and no matter who we called or what we did you couldn't hear the person on the other end with the A/C on. Of course they could hear us just fine and the A/C was inaudible on their end.

We had resigned ourselves to a very hot summer, at least until we could open the ceiling back up find a beam and install a ceiling fan, a very quiet ceiling fan.

I decided one last ditch effort on the manufacturer's website was worth the effort. I found the PDF file and a search produced instructions that made no sense until that ahh haa moment of clarity. The instructions had little pictures showing arrows for volume control that just weren't there. Until ahh haa you were using the phone. The simple reality of it was that you have to be on the phone to turn the volume up.

I immediately called Michele and she said I made her day. Making her happy with something so simple made me happy too. So now I'm looking forward to being able to do more good deeds in the A/C knowing that Providence has already paid it forward as I've already been blessed with a family that loves me and that I love.

That's my story and sticking to it. Amen