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September 13, 2009

Forgot Something

6:00 AM -- A much earlier wake up than I'm accustomed to on a Sunday. I went to the bathroom, then climbed back in bed, hoping to return to the same cozy spot and sweet dreams of just moments before....but that wasn't meant to be. My mind started its morning stretches, and was quickly moving on to "race mode" I got up to start my day.

I actually love the early morning when the house is still sleeping. Even the dog lay still as I made my way to the kitchen. The skies were just starting to lighten, so I kept the kitchen lights dim, lit my new "Cozy Home" candle and started a pot of coffee.

As the coffeemaker gurgled and perked, I went about emptying the dishwasher and tidying up the dishes that had been left from last night. A few more morning chores -- feed the dogs, sort through a stack of mail, wipe down the counter -- and I could enjoy some quiet "me time." Just a cup of fresh-brewed coffee and a visit to all my favorite blog sites to catch up with my "blogging friends."

Just before the coffee maker beeped, I grabbed a cup, poured a splash of cream in the cup (my way of saving a step by not having to use a spoon), then waited for beep and that last drop of rich coffee to fall from the filter.

"Beeeeeeeeeeep. Beeeeeeeeep. Beeeeeeeep."

I reached for the pot and started to pour, but to my chagrin the nectar of the coffee gods wasn't the rich black-brown that I'm accustomed to...and rather than turning the cream in my cup to a light brown, it turned it to a watery skim milk. sleepy haze I must have forgotten to add the coffee grinds! So much for my mind doing its morning stretches. Let's try this again.

Ahhhh...much better. Now, let the day begin!

"Forever: The time it takes to brew the first pot of coffee in the
morning." ~Author Unknown

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