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May 5, 2009

I'd Be Lying If...

Over the past 2 months you've heard a lot from me about the all-natural goodness of Wildtree products -- and I have to be honest with you -- I have been positively thrilled with everything I've tried so far. The products have lived up to the promise of being easy to prepare and flavor-wise, Wildtree is consistently getting high marks from family and friends. It's also been great to know that as a family, we are eating better by reducing our sodium, cutting out food dyes and preservatives, and consuming natural sugars versus high fructose corn syrups.

That said, I would be lying if I told you it was the health benefits that first drew me to Wildtree. The truth is I saw a ground floor opportunity with a great company, and I jumped at it. The health benefits were/are an unexpected happy by-product of this business venture.

For those readers who know me personally, you probably know that it doesn't sit well with me to be proclaiming I understand the health benefits of Wildtree, when in fact, I don't (hence the reason I talk mostly about the convenience and taste of the foods!!). But the health benefits are real and very significant, which is why I've been devouring as much information as I can about the food choices we make and their impact on our health. In my research I stumbled upon this resource -- Your Plate, Your Fate -- that appears to be a virtual "encyclopedia" for understanding everything from health conditions, organic eating/cooking, eating right for healthy aging, antioxidants and more.

I'm going to dig a little deeper into their offerings -- but in the meantime, I wanted to pass the site along to you in case you, too, are interested in having this health-related information at your fingertips.

Can you help me learn more about the benefits of healthy eating? Share your best reference for health and nutrition information.

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Jennifer Juniper said...

So interesting, thanks for sharing! Stopping in from sits :)

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