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April 10, 2009

Boiling Eggs

So I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this -- but I needed to do a Google search to find out how to hard boil the eggs in preparation for dying our Easter eggs tonight. I know, I know...that's really lame. Here I am writing about all the tasty things I've been cooking up...and I don't even know how to boil eggs. Very sad.

Fortunately I have:

...a wonderful resource for cooking basics (like How to Make Perfect Hardboiled Eggs) at proof recipes from my Marie's Recipe Box --a special cookbook that my sister-in-law assembled after my Gramma passed away -- (you can see by the stains and tattered pages that it is extremely loved)

...and now I have Wildtree -- which makes cooking delicious, nutritious food embarrassingly easy.

So that's it, the secret is out. Hopefully this "true confession" gives hope to anyone out there who feels culinarily challenged (is culinarily a word?).

Stick with me -- you can do it, I promise!

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